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Intermediate Concealed Carry Course

Course Title: Intermediate Concealed Carry Course

Length: Approximately 4 hours

Price: $150.00

Course Overview: The Intermediate Concealed Carry Pistol course is designed for experienced concealed carry holders who are seeking to elevate their skills and proficiency with their concealed carry firearms. This intermediate-level course focuses on enhancing situational awareness, defensive shooting techniques, and advanced tactics for personal protection. Participants will undergo intensive training to handle high-stress situations, improve accuracy, and respond effectively to potential threats while carrying concealed.

Course Objectives:

  1. Strengthening Defensive Mindset: Foster a proactive mindset that prioritizes situational awareness and threat assessment to enhance overall personal safety.

  2. Intermediate Shooting Techniques: Refine shooting fundamentals and develop Intermediate pistol handling skills to engage targets accurately and efficiently in dynamic scenarios.

  3. Concealed Carry Draw and Presentation: Master the quick and safe draw from concealed carry positions, minimizing response times without compromising safety.

  4. Reloading Drills: Practice efficient and swift reloading techniques under stress, ensuring a continuous supply of ammunition during confrontations.

  5. Shooting on the Move: Develop skills to shoot accurately while moving, simulating real-world scenarios where movement is necessary for self-preservation.

  6. Engaging Multiple Targets: Learn target transitioning techniques and engage multiple threats effectively, prioritizing and neutralizing them as required.

  7. Cover and Concealment: Understand the difference between cover and concealment, and learn how to effectively use them to increase survivability during confrontations.

  8. Unorthodox Shooting Positions: Train to shoot effectively from unconventional positions (e.g., one-handed, weak-hand shooting) to adapt to real-world emergencies.

  9. Decision-Making and Shoot/No-Shoot Scenarios: Engage in realistic simulations and shoot/no-shoot scenarios to improve decision-making under pressure.

  10. Legal and Ethical Considerations: Understand the legal framework surrounding concealed carry and the use of deadly force, emphasizing the importance of responsible firearm use.

  11. After-Action Drills and Debriefing: Analyze performance through after-action drills and debriefing sessions to identify areas for improvement and reinforce best practices.


Course Structure: The course is typically conducted over a 4 Hour period, all of which is on the Range. Participants are required to bring their concealed carry pistol, suitable holster, spare magazines, and personal protective equipment (eye and ear protection). Ammunition requirements will be communicated prior to the course.

Safety is paramount throughout the training, and strict adherence to safety protocols will be enforced during all activities.

Prerequisites: To enroll in this course, participants must meet the following prerequisites:

  1. Valid concealed carry permit: Participants must possess a valid concealed carry permit or equivalent legal authorization to carry a concealed firearm.

  2. Basic Pistol Training: Completion of a basic pistol training course and a demonstrated understanding of firearm safety and fundamental shooting techniques.

  3. Proficiency with the Carry Firearm: Participants should have practical experience with their concealed carry firearm and be comfortable operating it safely.

  4. Prospective students MUST have a solid understanding of Firearms Safety Fundamentals, Pistol Manipulation, Reloading,  Range Safety and Range Etiquette.


Conclusion: The Intermediate Concealed Carry Course offers concealed carry holders an opportunity to elevate their skills, build confidence, and enhance their ability to protect themselves and others in potentially dangerous situations. Through comprehensive instruction, practical exercises, and scenario-based training, participants will gain the Intermediate skills necessary to handle high-stress encounters effectively.


Remember, carrying a concealed firearm is a tremendous responsibility, and ongoing training and practice are essential for responsible gun ownership.

Required Equipment:

- Your Concealed Carry Handgun / 2 magazines minimum 

- External Side Draw Holster / Appropriate belt

- 200 rounds of ball / target ammunition

- Full Wrap Eye protection 

- Hearing Protection

- Range Attire (Long Pants, Closed toe shoes, Cover garment)

- Water 

*The entirety of this course takes place on an outdoor range, so appropriate consideration to the elements must be considered. 

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