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 Training Options


Maryland (HQL)

The Maryland Handgun Qualification License is required to purchase and or rent a handgun in the state of Maryland. This is not a carry permit. My course includes the required 4 hours of training covering firearms laws, handgun basics, and safety.

MD Wear & Carry Renewal / Level 1 Pistol

This course Expands on the knowledge base acquired 

during the HQL Training. We expand on our Marksmanship, Weapon Manipulation, Firearm Maintenance and Malfunctions Drills. This course Exceeds the requirement for MD Wear and Carry Renewal. 

Maryland Wear and Carry 

16 Hour

This 16-Hour Course includes: Application requirements, Safe Gun Handling Rules, Pistol Parts & Operation, Ammunition knowledge & selection, Cleaning & Maintenance, Holster selection, Firearms Laws, Use of Deadly Force, Mindset, Interactions with law enforcement, and Live Fire Session. Graduates who qualify under will be able to apply for a permit to carry a handgun in Maryland.

Delaware Concealed Carry Training 

8 Hour 

This 8 Hour course is designed for those interested in obtaining a Concealed Carry permit in Delaware. It is valid for the Delaware resident permit as well as Florida, Virginia, Arizona non-resident permits.

Handgun and  Ammunition
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